Friday, February 5, 2010


Wishes she had a maid come atleast once a month.
Wishes supper was cooked when she gets home every afternoon.
Wishes the weekends were longer and the work week shorter.
Wishes she made more money.
Wishes she could find a house broken white puppy for Laynee because that's what she wishes for.
Wishes we had one more room in the house.
Wishes she could make up her mind about flooring for Laynee's room.
Wishes the taxes were already filed so she wouldn't have to sit in a office on Saturday morning.
Wishes she already had her income tax money back.
Wishes Adam could find a job in Alabama.
Wishes she didn't have neighbors that make loud noises.
Wishes seeing newborns didn't make her want one so bad.
Wishes she could lose weight as easliy as others do.
Wishes it was spring instead of winter.
Wishes she had a closer relationship with her mom.
Wishes the work day was shorter so she would have more time with the kiddos.
Wishes she could have Cracker Barrel every night of the week.
Wishes diet food was as yummy as the non diet food.
Wishes my grandparents would have gotten to meet Connor. (they would have def. gotten in good laughing time)
Wishes my mawmaw was still alive.

What do you wish for?

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