Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Ideas

I got alot of my ideas for Laynee's and Connor's spring/summer clothes from here. I love their clothes just can't afford them! I recently found alot of the same or close to fabric off etsy and ebay and you can usually find blank no logo polos from wal-mart...I haven't looked in wal-mart but instead decided to look on ebay first! So far I have one two shirts for 3.00each NWT! I'm so excited. The pictures on their site really isn't showing what they are doing but their catalog did. They are putting the initials where the logos usually go! It's so cute! I love it! To look for new items on ebay all you do is put in the size you are looking for and nwt (new with tags). So far this year I found Laynee puddle jumper sandals (two pair) for 30$ total! They were 15$ each!

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