Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The lights were hung with care...

They look much better in person. Some are appear to be shorter than the older ones only cause they are new and wouldn't stretch out...maybe next year. Hey atleast I made one 5 year old and one 2 year old very happy! I hung the candy canes all by myself and Clay came over and helped (with a little cash) me put the icicle lights up. It took thursday and saturday before we finally got them working and then sunday night the candy canes weren't working and now finally all are working! Better luck next year!

We also purchased this cute little fellow this year ...

and decided that he was too cute to be outside so I put him by the fireplace along with these presents from DG. Plus the kids get to enjoy them alot more!

Lights this year have been a pain the ass so much fun!

Our mantle is missing one stocking only because I ordered Connor a NWT Pottery barn train stocking off EBAY and we haven't received it yet. I got a great deal! ($9.99)

I hope all of you are enjoying decorating as much as I am! ;)

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