Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Weekend!

This is a old bed frame that was in my grandparents shed. I need to sand it and stain it. It will be Connors big boy bed - I plan on putting it up in his room before the year ends to see how he does, we will leave his baby bed up just in case it doesn't work out at first.

Fresh Squash and cucumbers from Grandma's garden-delicious!

And finally Roses from my sweet husband-me and the kids each got something when he got here late saturday afternoon, after working all day. I was beyond excited when I realized he was coming home! To bad it was only til sunday afternoon, back to Georgia he goes...for work! I had a bad week with the kids etc. he got me a sweet singing card also~it sings "The way you do the things you do!"-Hiliarous! The kids immediately started dancing!

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  1. That was the least he could do after the week you had.