Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The days are long...

My days are long, from working til going home to start all over again. I miss the days with Adam home cooking and already having the kids picked up from the sitters house. We are making changes at the house that are making the days even longer. From trying to get rid of my 5 year olds 16 year old attidude to taking the paci away from Connor to trying to explain to him that he doesn't have to wash his clean undies out in the toilet just cause mommie just washed his dirty ones out...he now thinks he should wash his undies in the toilet. While potty training Laynee we threw away countless numbers of undies just for the fact that I wasn't going to wash them out in the toilet, it was just as easy to throw them away. While years later and old and smarter I now wash them does Connor. Needless to say we are in the bathroom alot lately from washing our undies out in the toilet before washing or running to see if he's actually made it into the shower that he just turned on or to see what bath time toy he has gotten out to play with to actually pottying on the the toilet. Laynee seems to think we are spending way to much time in there too. She is constantly asking are ya'll in the bathroom again? Or Mommie Connor has turned on the shower again...or mommy Connors undies are in the toilet again! So yes our days are long. To add to it we are taking the paci away. so far we are doing well. We only have it at nap time and bed time. Yes there is still the melt down from time to time where he begs and throws himself in the floor for his paci! He screams at you and points to the basket that we keep them in but I am holding strong and so far the past two days I have not given in til 8 pm which is his bed time. If any of you have a paci loving toddler like I do I suggest you get rid of it earlier than this. Its much harder when they have a name for it and can scream said name at you! Pray for me that I lose the 16 year old attitude that Laynee has before one of us breaks and that Connor will willing go to sleep this saturday night without his paci and that potty training takes off in full force!

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  1. I loved that one too. I have your disc ready, but could not find your number last cell is 601.9539 if you want to call me tonight, i'll meet you with your photos!!