Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trash to Treasure?

So do you think I can make these into treasures? I do! This one is going into my kitchen to hold recipe cards-so I need some recipes! Send them on over-quick and easy stuff of course!

This table will probably end up on the back porch-spray painted of course!

These lamps (the brown one-had two one got chipped) will probably end up in my kitchen when we freshen up with new paint on walls etc.

and this beauty I have yet to think of a place but I am sure I will! I love it and it works! Of course its one of those that is a scary kinda work-anyone know how to rewire a lamp?

All of these items I found in my grandparents old shed. I have more to go look at with a flashlight and can't wait to get the rest of whats hiding in the dark.

This beauty I got at J and J Junk for 2.00$! I love it! I can't wait to get some bright colored flowers to go in it!


  1. I LOVE your treasures...especially the table and the file drawers....I would find a use for both of those!

  2. love the treasures! especially the BLUE lamp... i want one!!! love love love it!!! that table would look really good painted with that crackle paint.. you know the stuff that looks like its chipping off but really its just lines in the paint... they have it lowes or home depot. love the treasures!!!