Friday, May 29, 2009


So a couple of days ago I spotted this picture in the BHG Magazine. Once I spotted it I had to have the spoons. I searched the internet and found them on ebay. Here is a picture of what I bought. They only came 20 to a box and I haven't recevied them yet, I am afraid we will need more. Does any one have any idea where I can find more of these wooden spoons?

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  1. Hmm... there is a really cute hobby store in downtown Homewood. They would prolly have something similar if not the same. They have a lot of things that are randomly placed in one store they like to cal a hobby store... Idk the name of it. More like crafty hobby model car building melted into one... And i remember them having like random party supplies and like a knitting section... wooden spoons should be right up their alley! It's on the main strip... like close to the cute little kids shoe store and Savage's bakery. Try information on that address part! Good luck! :)