Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh My!

Updated. I also found this. Not sure on price yet. Have to call owner. I can def. see this in Laynee's room...painted white of course!

I wish I had a good reason to purchase heart flutters when I see it! I want it bad! Please someone give me a reason to buy it! It would look lovely in my bathroom! The price...$100!


  1. 1. Its to die for.
    2. It antique.
    3. a good polishing would make her shine
    4. she could painted or left original and still be just as lovely
    5. she is unique and would make any bathroom gorgeous..

    Go buy it. :)

    and 6. $100? Need i say more...

  2. Go ahead and buy it...then we can fix ours up together. Mine had been needing an updated look for years now. Now I will have an excuse to do it.

  3. Maybe the new piece you poster about won't cost that much and you can get them both. I could sure use the company when I start on Natalie's.