Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here I go again, here I go again...

your singing now right-old song. Brings back old memories. Makes me feel real old.

Anyways. The Kitchen, I happen to have a screen door similiar this one and I happened to tear apart my pantry last night...I am going to use the bead board like they did and put up new shelves (which was def. needed). I can't wait to put it up, open it and hear that sound that screen doors makes...aww brings back child hood memories of our old log cabin! I love living in the country!


  1. Thats a wonderful idea!!!! I love to hear old screen doors creek also :) Good luck with the kitchen..I hope you post after pictures...

  2. Oh Ashley...I LOVE that! Awesome idea! Living in the country is the best, isn't it? Ps - I love the sound of a *real* screen door too!