Friday, August 9, 2013

Our baby is two!

Just trying to document what Avery was like at two since the thought of getting his baby book out and getting it updated is actually pretty scary to me.

At age two Avery loves

the beach.
throwing things.
his momma.
Sissy (sitters dog).
afternoon walks.
Hawaiian sweet rolls
mommas spaghetti
his ni (paci).
his night night (blanket).
Levi and Cole.
strawberry jelly.
What a difference a hair cut makes-big boy!

At 2 he is finally starting to talk! After tubes a couple months ago and us backing off his pacifer he has finally started saying new words, words we didn't know he knew and then trying to say other words. He reminds me so much of Laynee at this age, from the fit throwing, just now talking and I'm gonna get my way or else attitude! He definately rules our roost. He can be good as gold one minute and into something terrible the next! He loves playing cars and will set for hours moving them around and around a table, chair or whatever else he can find to arrange them on. He insist on having his night night and ni (paci) with him in our car as well as the dvd player playing. He hates long car rides and insist on walking like a big boy anywhere we are. Hates to hold hands. Loves to stomp and is all boy! At age 2 there is no getting around that you are a hand full but would we know any other way?
Love you bunches boo bear!

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