Friday, January 18, 2013

Be still my baby lovin' heart.

We welcomed with lovin' arms our newest addition to our family on Dec. 11th. Yes, that's right I finally have a niece! Altough life happens and time flies by I still try and see or keep her as often as I can. She is such a sweet girl. Its been interesting seeing how Avery acts with a baby in the house. He loves on her, pats her back and his favorite thing is her bottle! He loves to try and give her the bottle, he hasn't tried at all to take it himself. I'm sure the older she gets the closer they will become.

On the day she was born, I worked all day, went to Connor's christmas party and then headed to Brookwood to see her. It was late when I got home but well worth it! I was the only visitor and I got to see her get her first bath!

Lauren's two big brothers are smitten with her as well, Cole alittle more than Levi. This is the grin she gives almost everytime her brother Cole holds her. The sweetest!

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