Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer to do list and my two cents on being present

There's something about a list that kinda holds you accountable right? Well earlier this week I came across this blog and then today I came across this one. While I don't have THE list ready I do have a paper list to share our Fun Things to do this summer list! While most of these things we would have done anyway its still fun creating a list!
* Get Slimmy-shaving cream outside!
*Play under sprinkler
*Make something for someone else.
*Bike Rides
*Movie night with popcorn
*Have a friend over for spend the night
* Catch fire flies
* Make Snow cones
*Make ice cream sundaes/banana splits
* Have a water baloon fight.
* Roast hot dogs/marsh mellows
* Fireworks
* Have a picnic
* Make a collage from magazine scapes
* Lay on a blanket under the stars
* Bake something for someone else.
* Eat watermelon outside
* Surprise someone with a visit and boutique of flowers
* Have one on one time set up with all 3.
* Go to a Drive in Movie
* Buy cupcakes just because

Recently I read this blog about how to miss a childhood. I immediately sent it on to a few other friends via email. While we all fall into this category some of us are way worse than others. I'll be the first to admit that I get on Facebook every afternoon. Its a sickness I'm working on. After all my 10 month old is crying for me to hold him, my 4 year old is talking over his sister who is talking over him all wanting my attention all at once. I have a few up on others since as of now my cell phone is an older one meaning no texting, no facebooking so I rarely use it. I do fall guilty of alot of computer time at home though. So I find myself constantly saying to myself get off this computer would ya! After reading that blog post I'm trying to make an effort to be more present in my three kids life. Afterall they won't be this age forever!

Whats on your Summer to do list? Hopefully we'll be able to check ours off esp. since I plan on being more present with our three!

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