Monday, June 4, 2012

Keeping it Real

One of my favorite recent pics of Laynee.
(her eye brows are a mess...this is how she looks when she gets the water out of her face.)

I get these faces/motions alot right now. I don't care for them but it's her at age 8. So I'll continue taking crazy pose pictures.

More times than not I get looks like this when all I want is a sweet smile. But he'll only be four for a few more months so here we are. It's him at age 4.

Avery dodges the camera...alot! 
 He's not smiling nor looking at the camera but I got a picture of him at age 10 months!

I would love to get every picture, "picture perfect" but I don't. My kids don't always smile on que, but I love them just the same (and sometimes they turn out to be some of my favorites.) This is our life and I'm just keeping it real!

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