Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I knew it was coming, that some how I wouldn't forget. How could I? I woke up moody this am. Mad at the world and couldn't quite figure out why. 2 something it hits me, it's been 5 years today. 5 years can go by so quickly and yet so slow at the same time. It's been 5 years since Laynee played the harmonica for him over the phone shortly before he died. 5 years since she ask where Pawpaw was and why we couldn't visit. 5 years of knowing Connor and now Avery would never meet him. 5 years of knowing I couldn't watch from a distance how much his face lit up seeing the great grands. They say it gets easier, I haven't felt that as of yet. I long to go for a quick visit. I often find myself telling the kids of child hood memories of them.  It doesn't get any easier just alittle more bearable. Tonight I think will take out the photo books and reminisce alittle or maybe alot!

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