Thursday, January 19, 2012


* I haven't taken any pictures in days. This is sad to me but I haven't been in "picture taking moods".
* Connor had the stomach bug and swore he would never eat another sweet again. (I tell him too many sweets will make you sick...) He was pitiful. I laughed to keep from crying. You do that when your carpet is being soaked by puke you know!
* Laynee has said she hopes she doesn't get it....several times....alot....more than enough. Bless her heart me too.
* Avery will be SIX months this month. That is sad to me. Where oh where does time go?
* Laynee will be EIGHT in March, I find myself wondering where the time went...ya know when she actually wanted to sit in my lap...she's so grown-y!
* I'm still sad about Tripp. NO mother should have to go through what Courtney has the last two + years.
* I need to drink more water.
* I'm loving the new "Blush" wine from Morgan Creek. It's delish.
* My house is a mess. Couch full of clothes and more to wash.
* I'm in need of some new blogs to read...anyone got one that they HAVE to read daily?
* Speaking of blogs anyone know what happened to Darby? She hasn't blogged since Christmas...
* Laynee wrote a love song, drew a heart on it and I can't dare bring myself to read it for fear of what it might say.
* I miss my Granny. I miss visits with her. I miss "stealing" cornbread from her supper table.
* Our garage is a mess, its been too cold to work on the latest project, a dresser.
* I'm in love with this recipe. I make it every chance I get.
* Me and Adam watched The Help this weekend. Loved it.
* Fake people nerve me. Really nerve me.
* Avery is attempting to sit up, few seconds here and there and he couldn't be more proud of himself.
* Avery also loves to "rock the baby".
* Santas choice of this item for Connor for Christmas should have been Laynee's....Connor won't sleep under it.
* I love pinterest, time (or work) won't allow me to get on much anymore.

That's it for now. Hopefully I'll have a weekend full of pictures to show next week!

I came across this blog...and love it!

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  1. I didn't see the Pioneer Woman on your list. You may already read her here I just LOVE her. I literally sit and wait for her posts to roll in sometimes. She also has a fantastic cooking show that comes on Saturday mornings at 9.

    No Pinning at work makes me sad too :(