Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January - Monthly Review

I failed at the 365 Project and after writing my year post I decided it might be wise to do a monthly review to keep up with all the things that go on in our little lives monthly!

Here is January's highlights! Thirty one to be exact!

1. Avery hasn't slept through the night in weeks/possibly months. He wakes up around 12 or 2 and most def. 4 or 5...he is wearing me out!
2. Connor has turned into a Wii, DS and PBSkids.org machine and it has got to end...soon. My heart misses the little boy that was content playing with his cars and trains. What happened you say? CHRISTMAS!
3. Avery has been a teething machine!
4. I got a sales increase bonus this month!
5. Connor went to the dentist about his"brown" tooth-all in all we'll keep it for as long as it will stay-brown or not.
6.  Me, Laynee and Connor all had cleanings this month and all got good reports-no cavatites!
7.  Avery had his 6 month check up and it's all good!
8.  Laynee finally started playing with the baby doll santa got  me her for christmas!
9.  Laynee and Connor are officially me and my brother (at that age)-the argue alot! ;)
10. Avery took his first bath in "big boy bath" and loved it!
11. We had a change in sitters.
12. Avery got introduced to more baby food! So far bananas are the only thing that affects him.
13. Laynee's teacher had surgery and she has a "new" teacher for a couple of weeks. Note: Laynee has done well, she normally doesn't do we'll with "change".
14. Adam got new tires!
15. Me and Connor each have had the stomach virus. Let me tell ya-it's bad.
16. We left Avery with my dad and Nannie for the first time while we took a trip to Wal-mart by ourshelves! (oldest two stayed with Pawpaw B and Dianna)
17. We managed to make it to Two Birthday Parties this month-a few others we're missed!
18. Alabama won their 14 National Championship! Adam is happy! I was happy seeing the look on Les's face!
19. Pawpaw B's dog Brody got bit by a snake.
20. Laynee made her first EVER "C" on her report card in math. Parents we're not happy campers.
21. Connor made it through the first part of "Big school" without to many complaints.
22. Avery practiced hard at sitting up.
23. Connor called me the "Best mommie" alot. :)
24. We learned together how to master Super Mario on the Wii.
25. We had our first Parent/Teacher meeting of the year and learned that Laynee was also very caring/concerned for her teacher and classmates. :)
26. Avery had a great check up appt. at the orthopedic!
27. Connor learned to master his DS game and worked really hard at being patient with it.
28. I took the least amount of pictures in months.
29. We finished the chest of drawers all except finding the perfect handles.
30. I received lots of $25.00 from Tiny Prints and received some pics and a nice desk top plaque of Connor that I love.
31. I also received $20.00 from shutterfly and also ordered a nice desk top plaque of Laynee that I love. (will show pictures later. You can view them here.

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