Monday, January 30, 2012


At 6 months, you weigh 17lbs 8 ounces (75th %) and 27 3/4" Long (98th %). This def. tells us your going to be tall just like your daddy! You dropped in your percentage on your weight but you still have lots of rolls! Your eyes are no longer blue. Right now they are "hazel" and your hair is a light brown. You have wild hair (just like daddy) and it "fits" your personality to a T!
You are still waking up twice a night. (12ish and 4ish) If we're lucky you wait and only wake up around 4:30. You usually take a morning and afternoon nap, not long but long enough for us to get a few things done around the house.

* You love your older sister and brother but if I had to choose your favorite it would def. be Laynee.  That girl can make you smile just by looking at you.
* You have the cutest giggle ever! 
 * You love to eat baby food but your favorites would have to be apples, applesauce and pears! You love love love them!
* You usually eat 1 jar and 1 bottle at both lunch and dinner. You are not much on eating cereal (only in your bottles) so we have now added another fruit for breakfast per the docs request. I almost thought we we're feeding you too much but apparently we weren't feeding you enough! :)
* You can roll over but often choose not too. Somehow you manage to get around without doing it!
* You hate belly time but the doc sees no reason why that will keep you from crawling.
* You still don't care for swinging but any big motion and you spit up so you could have some form of motion sickness.
* You love your exersaucer and your jumperoo!
* You love, love, love the TV! You might just love it more than your big sister does and that's alot!
* Your still a perfect mixture of a momma's and daddy's boy and that couldn't have worked better for us since we already have a daddy's girl and momma's boy!

We celebrated your 6 month birthday with miniture cupcakes! Pawpaw Gowers ended up coming over for a visit to check up on you since you had four shots and got to join in on all the fun! You had no idea nor did you care but your big brother couldn't have been more excited about eating cupcakes! He blew out your candle for you and you stared wondering what all the fuss was about! Laynee couldn't believe you had been in our lives for 1/2 year already!

Happy SIX months Snuggle Bug. We love you!

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