Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Crayola!

you've done it again! Connor loves you so.
On saturday to keep this lil' guy entertained we got out the Crayola Crayon maker...
it was a huge success. Connor loved it! He gets so excited over things like this.

Daddy got to "help" out...
He was so proud of the crayons he made!
What are some of the other things Connor's up to at Age 4?

* He loves to play with his cars and trains.
* He loves spongebob.
* He loves his momma.
* He loves to try new things out.
* He loves to rent movies from the Redbox.
* He loves to play on
* He loves to aggravate his big sister.
* He still ignores his little brother.
* He has mastered coloring and loves to do it!
* He still loves to play on our back porch.
* He loves Chugginton.
* He loves CHOCOLATE!

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