Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amos and a Letter from Santa

Amos-Daddy came up with the name after he went weeks with out one. We forgot his name from last year and seeing that no one could think of it daddy came up with "Amos" the kids like it so he's stuck with it. Maybe we'll remember it come next year or maybe we'll have to think of a new name...the kids didn't seem to care either way just as long as he shows up.

And so what has Amos been up he has...

* Meeting the Turkey on Thanksgiving night.
* In the window seal.
* So far its been in the living room in several places.
* In the bathroom using mommy's tooth brush to smear toothpaste all over the sink (one of my pet peeves). Laynee declared that he needed to be spanked for doing it. Ha!
* In the kitchen hanging from a key on the wall.
* Hanging from the chanderlier in the kitchen.
* Playing with Connors trains and race cards along with papa smurf.
* Hooking up with the tooth fairy leaving sweet notes on how beautiful Laynee is without her TWO front teeth.
* Sitting in a vase full of fake snow and little people.
* Swinging in Avery's swing.
* Eating Daddy's Connor's candy.
* Sitting on the Fridge.
* Eating Chips.

Not only have we been entertained with our elf this year but Santa mailed the oldest two sweet letters straight from the north pole. Laynee immediately blushed and Connor squealed with excitement and could not wait to see what it said.

It's not to late to personalize your very own Santa letter for FREE here. Print it and mail it off! Trust me you'll thank me later!

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