Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

A few days ago I read on Life in the Green House about how you could blog about Tiny Prints Christmas line of Christmas cards and get FREE cards. Even though I've never used Tiny Prints I've received Christmas cards from family and friends from their line and LOVE them!
 Here a few of my favorites from their Christmas selection this year!

I love their selection of two sided cards!

This one happens to be one of my favorites!

The Count your Blessings card is another one and something we should def. do all year long! I love putting multiple pictures are a card. Choosing one picture is so hard to do!

I also love the long and skinny versions. These are the ones I usually end up ordering.

This year I purchased a Christmas Card wreath holder to display all our christmas cards. How are you displaying yours?

Thanks Jennifer for sharing this Great giveaway!
You can find Tiny Prints Christmas card selection here. Now get to looking, Christmas is a few short weeks away!

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