Thursday, October 6, 2011

A little update.

Life has been crazy busy for me. I'm in my 3rd week back at work and just when I think we have a new routine something happens to it! Avery is trying his best to sleep through the night. He started Sept. 28th, one day after he turned 9 weeks old. He is attempting to sleep from 8:30-9 til 4:30-5 am the next morning! I'm ok with the 5ish feeding cause at this point I really should be getting up getting myself ready for work also. I'm hoping this is something that takes on a every night/day routine but right now it changes from night to night. This THIRTY year old momma is T-I-R-E-D! I crashed Sunday morning and couldn't seem to stay awake. Thankful Adam let me sleep!

Laynee is taking second grade harder than I expected. She tells us daily that its hard being a second grader; and from the homework WE have I tend to agree with her. She's has mastered being a big sister to TWO little brothers and plays the role well. She helps alot and can make Avery smile by just glancing his way! She plays well with Connor and has only "lost it" a couple of times when it comes to how messy he can make THEIR room. Laynee really hasn't showed much jealously when it comes to Avery. I try to make a point to "do" her hair or paint her nails and she seems to take it well. She is a bit older than Connor and takes things alittle better.

Connor has took on ignoring Avery. He tends to not look at him or interact with him at all. I'm ok with this as long as it passes. He did laugh at him the other morning cause he wouldn't take his bottle and I  joke-ly said Take it-take it, Avery smiled big and Connor laughed out loud. I made the comment that it wasn't funny and Connor said yes it is! I think he will eventually come around. I'm sure its because Avery takes so much of everyone's time and Connor doesn't quite understand that. Afterall he's been the "baby" for so long. He still manages to make into our bed atleast once or twice a week to go night night with momma and I'm ok with that. (Adam puts him in his bed when he comes to bed.) It's "our time" and it makes up for all the time that I'm "dealing" with Avery.

All in all our new life as a family of FIVE is taking off pretty well!! Happy Fall Ya'll!

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