Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Fair among other things

This saturday we visited the fair in Columbiana. Connor called it the circus the whole time and wondered where all the clowns with funny noses were? Laynee loved it and only managed to have one MAJOR meltdown cause Cole got to ride the TINY Connor size four wheelers cause apparently he was shorter than her and she was to tall. I missed the front end of it since me and Levi had went to ride the "roller coaster".

Connor and Laynee rode every ride they were allowed to ride with out hesitation. Levi not so much (he must get that from me). We skipped out on the huge boat ride and opted for the roller coaster one more time. Cole proceeded to tell me after he rode the huge boat that he knew why I didn't ride it. Connor and Laynee loved it (they must get this from Adam).

Just this morning Connor exclaimed that he LOVED going to the fair but was mad cause I didn't get him a candy apple...this coming from someone who ask for Cotton Candy and then didn't care for it. He NEVER not once ask for the candy apple. We all had a good time and at times I think I had more fun than they did! Happy Fall Ya'll!

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