Sunday, September 25, 2011

Once a month

By this time last year Adam was bowling in a league once a week. I was stuck home with the kiddos and nothing in that price range to do for my "break" away from it all. 

 I've recently become a addict of pinterest. While making one of my "pins" I thought wouldn't it be fun to have someone to do this with. That's when it hit me, we should get together and do some of the crafts we've pinned and talk about some of the recipes etc that we've done on our on time. The cost would be the cost of the supplies to make that particular item and we could all bring snacks for everyone. Each month everyone could send in the item they want to make the most and then we could draw for that months item. We would then make a list of what materials you would need and everyone could bring their own. With Christmas right around the corner this could be a perfect way to get a few Christmas gifts knocked out. And if you have a friend that might be interested let her know too!

 IF this is something that interest you, leave a message here and between us all we should be able to come up with something together!

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