Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A few facts...

* Our anniversary is in 9 days. As of Monday I couldn't remember how many years. Yes that's right, and he still loves me!

* Our house is full of salt. Yes that's right, table salt. For FLEAS, hey we are willing to try anything at the point!

* I'm 31 weeks all while measuring 33 weeks. I have a strong feeling Avery is going to come early. How early? I'm not sure!

* I have Connor's party planned in my head, items that have been previously used but nothing new bought or no gifts bought. This means for me I'm way behind!

* I am already waking up all hours of the night. I'm already exhausted and little one hasn't arrived yet.

* Our garage is finally clean (atleast somewhat).

* I'm addicted to Pinterest.

* Avery's bag is packed, mine...not so much.

* Our bedroom has a mixture of Avery, Laynee and our stuff. It could possibly be a case of hoarders.

 *  My husband makes me think of that ole' song-what a man. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. (ok not all of it but atleast the chorus) I don't tell him often enough.

* Warning to all the mothers of future 5, 6 and 7 year old girls. Time flies, they grow up fast and they learn how to roll eyes during these ages. Although a person pleaser, she has her moments. She no longer likes to wear bows and she is a tshirt and shorts kinda gal. (takes after her mom) :). Although she is a HUGE daddy's girl!

* In a few short weeks we will be the parents of THREE kiddos! That is all together scary and exciting stuff!

* I never dreamed of having THREE kiddos by 30!

* We need a bigger house, or to get rid of a few things!

* My husband is my best friend, if yours is not then you should consider changing some things. It works out best this way. ;)

* Adam says Avery is going to be a daddy's boy, we will see how this works out. Either way Laynee will always be a daddys girl.

* Connor has become more of a momma's boy in the last couple of months than every. I was thinking it couldn't get any worse but it does and can. :)

* I received in the crib skirt yesterday and its now laying inside the crib, yep I haven't gotten any further with it. I'm seriously slacking in energy these days.

* I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures from Wendy's wedding. This one melts my heart.

Picture from Wendy's wedding by Missy Jones Photography! I'm in love, this is his latest move when he is trying to play shy boy!
That's it for the random facts!

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