Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking a load off

Avery is a ball of energy and I'm a hairball.

Yes you read correctly, I am a mess. I laugh, I cry, I yell and still feel the same. I'm so ready for him to be here but our house is not nor is our finances. I often wonder if either of them ever will be. I've made list on top of list of "to do's"  with more getting added than marked off. I've decided that all that matters is that he is healthy and we have a place for him to sleep when he gets home. He could careless if his and Laynee's room is complete and from the looks of it Laynee could too. She hasn't spoken a word about when the room will get painted and why there are white dots all over her walls (that's as far as we have gotten on the whole painting the room)?

Connor's room is done except for the floor and he hasn't said a word about it although I've noticed that he perfers Laynee's room when playing (I think its becuase her room is clean and he wants to mess it up too). Children don't notice the things us moms do that's for sure. Oh to be their age again, not a care in the world.

In the weeks ahead we have a wedding (this weekend) to be apart of, the final games of T ball to attend, the ending of the school year and the arrival of a little boy who could careless if his space is complete. I've decided I'm gonna take a load off and enjoy the moments before Baby Avery arrives and if the Mile long to do list gets done then it does, if not that's ok too. Happy Hump Day everyone, take a load off and enjoy!

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