Friday, May 27, 2011

31 week update and other ramblings

or should I say 33 week update? Today Dr. D said that I was measuring 33 weeks,  I'm not suppose to be 31 weeks until sunday...Adam might be right when he said this was going to be our biggest baby yet (we might have a early delivery also). My Sugar was fine, blood pressure was great and I had actually lost 1 lb because of watching what I eat because of my blood sugar. All in all this appt. went great. I told her of concerns I had of late at night back pain and cramping and shortness of breathe but other than that I walked with having a great 31 33 weeks update.

Laynee completed 1st grade this week and Connor completed 3 year old Pre K. I can't believe I have a 7 year old and 3.5 year old all while expecting our 3rd. Growing up I knew I wanted kids but a number was never mentioned. Man, how time changes everything. I never dreamed I will soon have THREE kiddos.

With that being said we cleaned out Laynee and Avery's room yet again and still have a ways to go before it will be ready but it makes me feel better knowing that we are atleast half way there. We have everything we need except for a few small things, either way we are prepared for a new baby. Mentally, I'm exhausted but look forward to holding this ball of energy that has been growing for months on end. Connor wants to go get him from the "hospital where babies come from" NOW and Laynee is dying to see what he looks like. I personally can't wait to see what everyone bets on the weight for this lil' guy. I still have the bets from when Laynee was born and we skipped out on it when Connor was born.

Plans for the weekend is to clean the house alittle, rest ALOT and clean out Connor's closet and the monster of a pile of toys. Everyone have a safe Memorial Day Weekend-I'm sure we'll have pictures to share!

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