Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mason Avery

Friday we learned are 3rd baby will be a BOY! I cried, Laynee put on her pouty face and Connor and daddy grinned from ear to ear. We are all excited although Laynee was dead set on "baby Avery" being a GIRL! We are still up for debate on if he will be called Mason or Avery, so far Avery is winning only because that's what we have been calling him for a couple of weeks now and it seems only far that we continue to call him Avery. Connor wants to know when we can get him out and Laynee still gets the pouty face every now and then but I think it will grow on her the closer to time for Avery to arrive.

Everything was healthy and I now know why I felt the baby "all over" we have one long legged child on our hands and with the looks of his daddy we just know he will be tall! It looks like Connor will be the only one that takes after his short momma! ha! We still have a due date of July 31st but Dr. C said that she will do a c section up to 7 days prior to the due date as long as everything is going smoothly. We haven't quite decided on a date and will have to wait til closer to time to see how everything goes.

I'm relieved to know what we are having and anixous to start buying up so that we can have everything ready. The bedding is still up in the air just because the baby will be sharing a room with Laynee and it has to be neutral color that she loves also since she does need some say in the situation. We have already gotten and bought so much and thankfully most of it was leaning toward a boy all along.

(he had his fist balled up at us and seemed to be trying to sit up already?)

(his lil' hiney)

(yeah not sure what happen to that 160 something heart beat just 4 short weeks ago)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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