Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thinking of you

Really the more I think about it, I'm going to have to frame this picture for Laynee's and the baby's new room. I've used it several times on here. It's one of my favorites of the two of them. I usually don't like the date on my pictures but this one I can't seem to crop it! It will soon be their birthdays, Laynee's on the 16th of March and Granny's on the 17th. With my pregnancy only having 5.5 short months left, my thoughts often to turn to what would it be like if they were still here with us. Oh just how many times would they belly laugh at how silly there third great grandson is. Or how many times pawpaw would tell Laynee how pretty she is. Oh how I wish they we're here to share in the excitement of their 5th great grandchild! How many pieces of cornbread would I eat from their leftover supper? How many times would I ask her to fix potato salad since that seems to be a craving of mine? How many afternoons would me and the kiddos spend over there, me laying on the couch and them taking every moment in with Laynee and Connor?

How tickled I know they would be! I know deep down their smiling down right now at all the excitement that is going on, Laynee turning 7 but going on 16, Connor starting T Ball, Levi and Cole being the great ball players they are and the arrival of Baby Avery! I can only hope I will be half the Grandparents they were! Thinking of you...

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