Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Blog Name

So I've been thinking about changing the name of our blog for a while needs something more...the only name I can come up with is...PARTY OF FIVE...but then I think everyone will think we are a partying up I need your help coming up with a NEW BLOG NAME! For now I'm off to paint shelves and take before and after pictures of everything! Next FRIDAY is the B-I-G day-we'll tell everyone on saturday at Laynee's 7th birthday party! (that's if I can stand to hold it in for that long!)



  1. I think Party of Five is super cute! Congrats on Friday... I can't wait to hear :).

  2. Well Party that is, I am ab bad typist!

  3. I like Party of Five too... :) I cannot wait till y'all find out!!

  4. I love Party of Five... hmmm, what else.

    Our 3 + Him and Me

    Ha! I will brainstorm..