Monday, January 24, 2011

We go way back

Remember this post? We'll here is the story behind who else is pregnant! We go way in Kindegarden! The day I called to tell her (Marie) I was pregnant, she told me she thought she was too! Threw many doctors appts. and now a confirmed ultrasound with a due date of August 24th she is PREGNANT too! Way back in october of last year her mother said how "fun" it would be for us both to be pregnant, not knowing a couple months later we would be! We recently met up at our house for pizza and adult conversation while the kiddos played and I failed to get a picture of us together pregnant! This is her fourth kiddo and our third but both our third pregnancies (she's got twins). I can't wait to compare pregnancies and to find out what these babies are! I should find out the first of March and she should shortly after maybe April! It's going to be an exciting next couple of months. I just hope I get to feeling better SOON! Just because I don't like to post with out pictures here is one we took last year...Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. How exciting!! Maybe she will get a boy this time but how fun would a house FULL of girls be!!