Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shared Space

As many of you know we have a THREE bedroom house. With money a issue and knowing that we have all three rooms occupied I am racking my brain as to how to split a nursery/kid room and it still be cute. We find out what Baby # 3 is the first week of March and from then on I will be searching for a baby bed-white for Laynee's room and cherry wood for Connors room(depending on which gender the baby is) among other things. All this on a tight BUDGET! I know if it's a girl, Laynee's room will get a complete make over, from the walls being painted to the floors being laid. If any of you have seen any siblings rooms that you could shoot my way for ideas, it would be helpful! Either way I think I'm in love with this bedding! I think it would work for a boy or girl! What do you think?

(bedding from babies r us)


  1. I love the bedding. I think it would be perfect for boy or girl. We are in a small 3 br house & before Avery was born, I had planned on letting her and Addison share a room. I turned the tiniest room into a "play room" with all the toys and put the dresser & stuff in the other room. After Avery came I quickly realized that, because of different sleeping times, it just wouldn't work for them to share.
    Two years later Avery still sleeps in the play room & Addie sleeps in their bedroom. They don't seem to mind so I don't either. It will all work out at your home too!

  2. That bedding is super cute but you will be really lucky to get baby puke & poo out of it?

    It would definately go for both genders though!