Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun times at the Zoo

Saturday we managed to make a trip to The Birmingham Zoo. It was such a nice day, the weather was perfect for being outside! Although part of the zoo is "under construction" we still managed to see alot of animals, ride the train and make it home with smiles still on everyone's faces. I was one exhausted momma, but managed to make it all day. We took the umbrella stroller for Connor thinking he MIGHT need it and boy was I right. He would ride until we saw a new animal get out and look and back in he went. He was so funny, everyone was saying Connor's being lazy and he would just smile. Our favorite was watching the tiger come up to the window and scratch his head on the rocks by standing on his hind legs. The kiddos thought that was so funny and when he walked right up to the window they got really quite. I think Connors favorite thing was to ride the train, he loved it. I caught a sweet picture of him holding my hand on the train when it would speed up but I'm saving that one for wordless wednesday. I am really at a loss of words for some of the sweet things that boy does! He is a momma's boy through and through!

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