Monday, December 6, 2010

Party of Five.

Yes it's true in a few short months we will be a party of five. For those that know me, I was on the fence with having another one and Adam of course wanted more. The fence has been knocked over and we are now expecting our 3rd baby. Still in shock, but excited none the less. We will find out all the details on the 10th of this month. (I can't hold such exciting news all to myself!) Don't expect weekly updates from me but do expect some...maybe monthly updates. As far as the gender we have no idea but the chinese chart did say it was a GIRL! The chart was correct on Laynee and Connor so we shall see. Laynee wants a girl and Connor wants a "baby to hold". Me and Adam only want HEALTHY, but I would love a girl and Adams says he doesn't think he could handle another mama's boy! (Connor is a extreme mama's boy!) I go to the doctor Friday to find out for sure how far along I am so I will be sure to update then. Until then I hope the morning sickness stays away cause it has not been missed at all. :)