Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas with Bec Bec 2010

This year we had our Christmas with Bec earlier than we normally do. We usually get together for Christmas Lunch. This year it was just my brother and his family, us and Bec. We had Chili and Adam's famous Cheesecake.

After eating we opened presents...

Connor playing with his farm set Bec got him.

Laynee's new barn (she loves it). PS if you have a "horse lover" in your family this is THE gift to get! :)

Laynee and Levi playing with the horses that Laynee got. (with their new jerseys that they got)

Cole showing off his Auburn "Cam Newton" Jersey!

All in all it was not our normal Christmas but it was just fine. One down many to go! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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