Monday, November 1, 2010

The Ballerina and Conductor's trick or treating adventures...

I'm not a huge fan of going house to house to complete strangers holmes. This will probably be our last year I will be able to get away with it. Every halloween we always go visit relatives (granny's and pawpaw's) and then to a church or two and home we go...sad but true this year our list was a bit we made it home in record timing! The kids didn't seem to mind either which was a plus!

We started off at First Baptist Church in Vincent first for their truck of treat.

There we ran into our cousins.. Levi and Cole...and their cousin Alston, the Adair girls and the Cox Family...

 along with many others!

We then left there went to Grandma's...

Gloria's and Shelley's. That was the extent of our "trick or treating" maybe next year we will hit it up big time! Until then...Happy Fall Ya'll!

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