Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Place

Sunday I visited the old home place although the reminder of it is far from a home. The house is gone, the weeds are growing up around everything remaining and it could almost be mistaken for someone elses home place, not mine. Many of family gatherings were there inside and outside but nothing is left, nothing but memories. Precious memories. Levi, Cole and Laynee's first were there, from Easter to Christmas they celebrated most of their first with family in the home I grew up in. Oh how I wish I could go back into the house, just one last time, taking nothing but a memory. I got out only for a moment to look around. The pool where Levi, Cole and Laynee swim on hot summer days is over taken with weeds, you can't even see the steps to the pool. The driveway is washed out and has turned into a road less traveled. The song The house that built me brings back so many memories and I've looked through many of my pictures trying to remember the exact details of the house from beginning to its end.

 What do you remember about your "home place"?

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