Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day!

This Memorial Day was low key. We paid a visit to Emma Jean (my great aunt, the kids great-great aunt) for the first half...we paid close attention to Benny the Rooster because he likes to chase you...

and Laynee just knew he could get up on the trampoline...

but he stayed on the ground...as long as they didn't come near. I sat on the porch with Emma Jean and Laughed...alot!

The second half we spent at Grandma's. It rained alot, we got no naps and got to eat alot of sweets! I didn't take many pictures only a few of Connor dipping Chocolate homemade icing with a hersey's minature...yes to say he is alot like his daddy is an understatement-they love them some chocolate!

Happy Memorial Day!

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