Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us your life-your kids names!

I've never done one of Kelley's Show us your life days but today I thought I would join in.

Aspyn Laynee Buchanan
(Laynee meaning "Light")

We chose this name of a baby name book. I was pretty sure we were having a girl but looked at boy and girls name just in case. Once we found out it was a girl we we set on Laynee but was having a hard time putting something with it. Finally we decided on Aspyn. We call her Laynee and it fits her perfectly and the fact that you don't hear either name much is a plus too!

Connor Atley Buchanan
(Connor meaning:"Strong Willed")

Connor was one of the boy names we had picked out while I was pregnant the first time. We didn't want a JR. so we decided to go with same initials...CAB. It was between Carson and Connor and finally we decided on Connor. Atley was out of the baby book also. I love his name and it also fits him!

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