Thursday, May 27, 2010

A day to remember!

Today we Laynee graduated K! Laynee is so excited to be going into the first grade! I'm excited for her just not excited that I have a first grader, what happen to my first born baby???? She now has more friends than she can count, everyone knows her at school and I'm wondering what happen to my shy lil' girl!!! It was a happy but kinda sad day-my lil' girl is growing up!!
Pic 1: Laynee and Gracie
Pic 2: Laynee getting her personal award: Precious Princess (from Mrs. Campbell)
Pic 3: Gracie, Easton and Laynee
Pic 4: Laynee and Mrs. Campbell with K award
Pic 5: Laynee and friends (Mrs. Campbell's Class)

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  1. Hi, Ashley! :) Yes, you did, indeed win. :) If you go to my Blogger profile (accessible on the right side of my blog), you'll see my email address. Email me with the address you'd like me to send your mag to, and I will do my very best to send it early next week. :) Congrats, and thanks again for joining my party!! Hope you'll link up when the "Show Me the Progress" party comes around. :)