Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog: must reads

I have a list of blogs that I must read everyday or I get blog withdrawals from not reading their blog. If you need a new blog to read here a a few of my favorites!

Ashley Waldrop-she has a little girl AR (Ava Reese) and a lil' boy, Westin on the way.

The Macs-I started reading their blog when their lil' girl Cora was sick and later died, they now have a lil' boy Levi who is so cute! I love reading how she handles life.

Kamin Williams-She is a local photographer and great at what she does. She has taken Connor's pictures once, but we plan on using her again! I love seeing her latest photos!

Kristen Fields-Her and my husband were friends in High School and graduated together. She has two precious lil' girls and I love reading her stories about them!

Darby-I love reading her blog! The end! She takes to die for photos of her kids and if only I was half as creative!

Mrs. Garrett-I have a hard time calling her anything but. She was my third grade teacher, I graduated with her son and her daughter and I have kids the same age! I love reading her blog and seeing all the crafty things she is up too! 

Codie-Although I don't know her very well she lives across the street from us. She doesn't blog everyday but I defiantly click over to see if she has!

Breezy Acre Farms-I started reading this blog when Calla was born premature. She is a little doll and doing great but I can't stop reading! I'm hooked!

Raechel-I stumbled across this blog and can't stop reading. She tells stories of day to day, going from one child to two and enjoying every moment even the not so enjoyable moments!

Malleri-She's a mom of twins and had one on the way. I've been reading her blog since the twins were born. She has a baby due in Dec! I love reading stories about the twins and life itself. 
I might have missed a few but that about sums it up-these are my have to reads!

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