Friday, April 16, 2010

Poison Oak and many other itch-y subjects

Well its officially grass cutting season. The yard has been cut twice and I officially have poison ivy/oak whatever the itch-y stuff is! I think I know where not to cut this saturday at...well see. Right not I'm a itch-y mess!

I've also been diagnosed with allergies-first time ever! Guess it comes with age?

Speaking of other itch-y subjects...Laynee is officially a back talker-you know the kind that has to get in the last word. Were working on it but man is she stubborn! Laynee now trys even harder at getting a fake smile than ever! She has a great smile but you have to catch her off guard if not you get one of these...

catching her off guard you get the real thing!

Connor has officially went back wards with potty training. It makes me want to scream, cry among other things. I take lots of deep breathes. For some reason he thinks now that as long as he is sitting he is fine to pee anywhere and everywhere! Its really frustrating cause we were doing so well, going days with no accidents and no this! He can now swing in a big swing with the help of a "pusher"...he loves it and thinks he's as big if not bigger than the other kids!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ours is packed full of meeting Thomas, birthday parties and church on Sunday!

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  1. Oh..I dread this...ha! At least I know what I might be getting into.. Good luck with the kiddos..It sounds like you definitely have your hands full at the moment!