Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Needing you and faking it!

Way past bed time this lil' fellow sneaks into our bedroom and tells me each night he needs me! I give him a huge and TRY to send it back to his bed, it doesn't work...he repeats I NEED YOU, this time with a little more of the head turned and a sweeter expression on his face. So...I let him go night night on daddy's pillow...he quietly rubs my face until he's to tired he falls asleep. Once daddy comes to bed he puts him in his bed. This has been our night for a couple of nights. It def. melts a momma's heart to be needed so!

she doesn't play with baby dolls, only stuffed animals...

This sweet girl has learned to FAKE IT! She has only gotten away with it once when I got a call from the teacher to come and get her cause she was sick. She had no fever so I took her to the sitters in which she ran wild the rest of the day-so much for being sick! Earlier this week she was taking her time getting ready as she often does and approached me in the bathroom with I think I'm gonna be sick once I get to school...I told her that she could have tummy meds but was going to school... I gave her tummy meds and off to school she went and she was fine. She tries to fake it several times a week...she seems so young to already know how to FAKE IT! ha!

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