Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny Days!

Wow was this weekend a spoiler! I am lovin' this weather! The kids are too! Yesterday we were a bit lazy and didn't get out until time to get to go to Pawpaw B's house...We ate stew and pork tendorlions and then played the wii! It was alot of fun.

Today we went to Grandma's and ate and played in the sun all afternoon! It was nice just to relax and do nothing!

Laynee posed for a pic!

Annie got stuck on the bike the wrong way!
Tabby showed Connor how to roll the trucks down the hill.

Connor pretended to blow bubbles...
and gave momma lovin!
Grandma shared her lap...
we played with legos...
and had our picture taken without ever knowing...
I hope your sunday was as relaxing and great as ours!

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