Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm a Spender!

Yes it's true I spend money like their is no tomorrow! It's a huge converstation between me and the hubby! I take after my mom what can I say. We'll when this New Year started fast approaching I made a few "new year resolutions" one being MONEY! I plan to start hoarding money so to speak! I love it so why not keep it right? I have cut way back and have really been good about taking left overs for lunch. This month will def. not be my so off month so to speak because Laynee's birthday is in a few short weeks and I've been preparing for it!  I plan to pay off some cc's, do some things to the house with all that extra money laying around and put some up for you know rainy days!

**Pic. has nothing to do with post, I just think it hiliarious that he wants to wear his sisters scarf!
(I've got to get the boy one of his own! ha!)

**By the way did u see my newest little updates on the kids--->I plan to keep them updated regularly!

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  1. Okay, first off that lamp is awesome! Secondly, he looks adorable in the scarf. Thirdly, the updates on the kids are a great idea, loved reading them!