Sunday, January 17, 2010

Georgie as in Curious George!

Laynee's expression when first seeing George!

Connor's expression when first seeing George!

Kinda unsure!

Yes Connor calls him Georgie and loves him to pieces! We got McWane Center Year Membership thru work for a deal before the holidays and we plan on using "the deal" as much as possible! I hadn't been on their website and Cassie informed me that he was going to be there. Drop whatever your doing and go was my first thought. We got their just in time for his first showing today, the kids were really excited and unsure about how big Georgie was going to be! We visited with George and the Man in the big yellow hat and off we went...while we were their they were giving away free milk and taking milk mustache pictures. Laynee was the only one to do that. Connor hates milk so he wasn't much for that. They also had a cow their and she was all for taking her picture with a cow!

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