Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My little man.

This little guy as been one big talker lately!

We haven't had the passy in months and he is talking away! Yes, he has ask for it but when told no he keeps on going! He gets very mad if you can't understand what he is saying and repeats himself with a bit of seriousness in his voice. He has learned to work his way in my our bed several times a week esp. since he has had a nasty cold and double ear infection. He wakes me with a smile and rubs my face-its really hard to say no to that. He is def. a womanizer! (sp?) Reminds me alot of his daddy! :) He loves Homework time cause that means color time! He also loves his big sister very much, he gives lots of hugs and kisses and already knows how to get on her nerves and also how to get his way! He is such a joy to everyone who meets him and he doesn't meet a stranger! He couldn't wait to tell Santa what he wanted and the only thing he said was "train!" His personality is def. starting to shine and I couldn't be more happy to be his mommie!

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