Monday, November 9, 2009

And it's only MONDAY???

First go read this awesome news! I have followed this blog for awhile now-this is such great news!

Now on to the not so good news. This little guy got sick with a upper respiratory infection and got some antibotics to get rid of them, we are def. getting better with the respiratory infection but now have a bad, uncontrollable problem-we are now going to the bathroom non stop! (in our undies) poor lil' guy-it's one thing after another.

Not only does Connor have it but now Laynee

has it and no other side effects going on with her except a ATTITUDE! Where is this coming from??? Alot of that is coming from no daddy time in a week and will be another week before she sees him-we are talking about one BIG daddy's girl-not getting her daddy time=one ill lil' girl. Pray we make it til friday. Myself-I'm counting down the minutes til friday arrives! :)

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