Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch, McWane Center and more!

Laynee's Class at Baker's Farm!

Laynee and Gracie!

Friday I took off work to go on Laynee's Kindegarden field trip! We went to the Bakers Farm Pumpkin Patch. The field trip lasted from 9-1p.m. I was exhausted! Keeping up with two or three 5 year olds is enough but making sure they don't pick more than one piece of cotton and get more than one pumpkin is hard work! They had a blast! Friday night daddy came home for the weekend and we went shopping on saturday and rested on sunday!
Monday I took off work again (since school was out and both kids had doctors appts.) and went to The McWane Center. It was our first trip there and we def. will be making another trip! My kids were the perfect age to enjoy everything there! We invited Pawpaw Gowers, Levi and Cole and everyone had a blast! We watched under the sea and then played all day (from 9-1). We had a fun filled weekend complete with exploring new things that we will def. have to take daddy too (per Laynee)-yes ma'am!

Cole, Levi, Laynee and Connor! (Pawpaw Gowers)

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  1. We haven't been to the McWayne center yet but it sounds like they had a ball. I wasn't sure if the girls were old eough to enjoy but it looks like it would be a perfect age!