Sunday, October 25, 2009

Down on the Farm

We went to Bakers Farm today for their annual Cotton Pickin' event. Didn't buy a thing. It was enough just to get in the door and ride one pony! We walked away with a stamp on our hand, mud on our feet and one green pumpkin (that we pulled off the vine)! Did u know they bring in pumpkins? I had no idea until I witnessed it today, they were bringing them in by the truck loads and throwing out in the field! Either it was a bad year for pumpkins at Bakers or they've been really busy! Oh well I guess you learn something new all the time...

We had a fun time, Connor walked everywhere except when we road the wagon out to get the pumpkin. We walked back and then around to see the Indians (which were still inside their tents) and then went to ride the pony's! Connor looked a little scared but never once said he wanted to get off. His pony was a little wild and scared him one time, but he did fine! We also started threw the hay maze but almost slipped in the mud and decided we better leave! There was some cool things for sale but I made it out with nothing! (Not even freshed squeezed lemonade!)

To see the rest of the pics go here!

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  1. These are such great pictures. There were SO MANY cars that passed our house. I think they must have run out of pumpkins and had to bring some in.