Thursday, August 20, 2009

2 years.

With the two year mark approaching fast of my granny's passing alot of memories are flooding my mind and Laynee's too. A conversation we recently had went something like when is granny going to get better so I can see her? well we can't see her (interupted) I know but we can look at pictures-me, yes we can! I'm tired of looking at pictures I want to see granny! We'll Laynee that's not how it works, you will get to see her one day but not now. Why did she die-she didn't even meet Connor? Tears are pouring now from my face as I try to explain to my five year old why granny never got to see Connor and why we can't see her now.

Growing up in church a old song comes to mind-Precious Memories. That is the exact words on how I feel about my grandparents esp. my granny. I often wonder how loud my pawpaw would laugh at Connor and his silly-ness, pawpaw was always up for a good laugh and Connor is constantly making me laugh. Although they never got to meet Connor I am sure they are both laughing away at them-

On to other news, Laynee started K and is loving it except that its harder than pre k mommy....I just laugh and say you have no idea, its only going to get harder! Connor is adjusting to the new baby at Mrs. Shelleys and kinda likes being the oldest one there. He seems to be doing alot better with potty training and gets a good laugh out of pooting in the potty (he likes the sound it makes)-boys will be boys!

I am approaching my first year at Vulcan next month!! It's kinda exciting. I was at my other job for 8.5 years so being here one year is a big deal to me! Adam is still out of town working in GA. We miss him terribly but are thankful he still has a job with the economy. That's about it for us.

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